The Interview – What To Expect

The research involves you and your partner/husband being interviewed by one researcher, Sharif Mowlabocus. Sharif will arrange a convenient date and time for your interview, which normally takes place in your home.

Both partners must be present for the interview and must be happy to take part. 

The interview usually lasts around 90 minutes but it is advisable to allow two hours.


Interviewed as a couple, you’ll be asked questions about:

  • your motivations for getting married / partnered
  • the decisions you made about your special day
  • any differences or similarities in your life together – before and after your union.
  • your relationship to broader LGBTQ culture, and other men
  • your opinions about civil rights, marriage and equality in the UK.


The interviews are audio recorded and are quite informal. Couples often laugh quite a lot and enjoy the interview experience. The interview is not a test – there are no wrong answers! The best way to think of the interview is as a discussion or a chat.