Privacy, confidentiality and safeguarding what you say is paramount and this research conforms to a very strict code of ethics.

This means that requires:

– all of the research is anonymised
– all transcripts and recordings are anonymised
– all interview material is kept in a locked cabinet
– all electronic material is stored on an external, encrypted hard drive
– all interview material (excepting transcripts) is destroyed three months after the end of the project.


Your interview recording will never be made public or shared with anyone outside of the project.
Your personal data – name, address, telephone number etc – will never be made public or shared with any third party.
Any quotation taken from the interview will be fully anonymised. Locations, dates, times, names, venues – everything will be changed before being published.
The researcher will never tell a third party that you were interviewed for the project OR the details of what was said.
Any breach of these rules is a breach of the code of ethics abided by the researcher and the institution. Penalties for such breaches are severe. Your interview is precious and we will treat it with the upmost respect and dignity.
You can view a copy of the ethical approval granted by the University of Sussex by clicking here